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Writers Block

Too much thinking Not enough doing Not enough movement Little improvement Too much talking Not enough action Not enough traction Lacking the passion Too many ideas Where do you begin Started out as one Ended up at ten Lacking concentration Concentrate the energy Remove all the doubt Embrace the natural synergy Getting in alignment Two…

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Waiting For The Right Time

There’s never going to be a right time. That’s what I’ve been learning these past few months. Constantly going back and forth in my head wondering if I should just go for it. The answer is yes. Take a leap of faith. Turn your dreams into reality. Just go for it- NOW. The time is…

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Weekly Messages

Hey guys, so I decided to try something new and do some weekly general messages for the zodiac signs. I posted a link to each below, so check it out. These won’t resonate for everyone and these are just for fun. Have a great week everyone!

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Rain Drops

I’m gonna erase you, the you you used to be You were my everything before I’m gonna erase you, you don’t exist to me You don’t mean anything anymore Cause when it’s good it’s really good And when it rains it pours I got these rain drops fallin on my face And when it’s bad…

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About Me

Hey, I’m Samari. I’m a 30 year old mom from Jersey. I love my son, family, cooking, tarot, writing, and meeting exciting new people. God gave me a second chance to get it right, and I’m gonna use it to write. Take a trip inside my mind, I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you.

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